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Drunk Safari

Mar 22, 2019

aka ‘idiokiwis’ and ‘OM NOM ursis’es’

He's back! Friend, scientist, and mensch RED SCOTT is back to talk about the only animal he doesn't like-- the kiwi. We get into flightless birds, India's historically dancing bears, and also, the gently teasing of Ivan Hernandez. So basically, this episode is part of the...

Mar 8, 2019

a.k.a. 'snow floof’s'

IMOGEN CANCELLARE: lady's lady, man's lady, lady about town. She's here to educate your effin face off about SNOW LEOPARDS.They're floofy. They're beautiful. They're mysterious. I know. We're excited, too. We get into it, and by it I mean poop.  

Show Notes

Mar 1, 2019

Come one and come all, and meet the world's most adorable and doting father, the THREE SPINE STICKLEBACK! We get into it with SciComm queen and absolute goddess SARA SMITH WUITCHIK. It may not be the world's most charismatic fish in the world, but it is a FASCINATING one. 

Show Notes

Feb 22, 2019

Join us with SciComm pal DUSTIN GROWICK as we explore what is true and what is not about Jurassic Park's wiliest villains: the velociraptors. We talk size, feathers, speed, and of course, cloacas. Hold on to your butts. 

Show Notes

Feb 15, 2019

a.k.a. ‘blue babies’

Actual scientist EARYN MCGEE is here to, to educate you about some spiny lovely lizards! We get into toe clippings (it's more than you'd think), curiousity in STEM and also, poop. 

Show Notes