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Drunk Safari

Feb 22, 2019

Join us with SciComm pal DUSTIN GROWICK as we explore what is true and what is not about Jurassic Park's wiliest villains: the velociraptors. We talk size, feathers, speed, and of course, cloacas. Hold on to your butts. 

Show Notes

Feb 15, 2019

a.k.a. ‘blue babies’

Actual scientist EARYN MCGEE is here to, to educate you about some spiny lovely lizards! We get into toe clippings (it's more than you'd think), curiousity in STEM and also, poop. 

Show Notes

Feb 1, 2019

‘tiny taters’ and ‘the accurate portrayal of heterosexuality-pus’

First time guest TIRUMARI JOTHI is here to blow your mind with the world's hardiest and most lovable invertebrates! We get into some extreme situations, and some silly heterosexual ones with Blanket Octopuses. 

Show Notes