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Drunk Safari

Apr 27, 2018

a.k.a. ‘buzz balls’ and ‘drought resistant snake-hoppers’

ADAM WOLF is back to talk about the world's smallest bird. We talk hyper adapted rodents and weensy, adorable birds. Fist fights are won all around. The Artist Formally Known as Prince makes an appearance. 

Show Notes

Apr 19, 2018

a.k.a. 'calm downs' and 'leave me alone rats'

Special guest SARAH GAILEY is a Hugo Award Nominee and ALSO a cone snail scientist! We talk animals whose defense mechanisms are, like, probably a bit much. Cone snails are hella venomous. Porcupines have bad body odor, and also too many quills. 

Show Notes

Apr 13, 2018

a.k.a. 'Italian mammoths' and 'deep water horror eels'

Cohost of the Boars, Gore and Swords and Bunker Politics RED SCOTT is back! And he's full of probably smelly information about oxen that look like wooly mammoths but probably smell worse. We talk animals that live in foreboding environs, the snowy tundras and the...

Apr 6, 2018

a.k.a. ‘death stabbers’ and ‘invasive tree colonizers’

Special guest BARUCH PORRAS HERNANDEZ is here to ruin woodpeckers forever. We talk murder birds, monogamous rodents and unwelcome intrusions everywhere. 

Show Notes