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Drunk Safari

Mar 29, 2018

a.k.a. ‘skin-divers’ and ’nosferatu finches’

ADAM WOLF is back to talk REAL LIFE VAMPIRES, both insect and avian. Because listen, some animals are jerks, that's just that. Adam talks ticks, which are disgusting, and Maggie's all about the booby-harassers, also known as Vampire finches. 

Show Notes

Mar 22, 2018

a.k.a. 'satan's pop rocks' and 'bait and switch kangaroos'

Special guest, LAUREN O'NEAL, is here to remind you that ants in your pants is actually a *grave medical issue* that should not be taken lightly, with an overview on the world's jerkiest ants. We talk animals un-defeatable, and adorable, with fire ants...

Mar 15, 2018

a.k.a. 'badass bitchsnake' and 'armored aggressive asshole'

All the animals are jerks in this newest episode of Drunk Safari, with special guest KELLY ANNEKEN! We talk hating men, taking care of ourselves, and also snakes that grow nearly 5 feet long and hunt you in the night. Also, the important issue of animal farts:...

Mar 8, 2018

a.k.a. 'apex forest masters' and 'happy heterosexual peacock monkey'

Maggie and special guest ADAM WOLF contemplate divorce after a foray into crytozoology. We talk animals that may or MAY NOT exist, and also Mandrills, the world's most colorful mammals. 

Show Notes

Mar 2, 2018

a.k.a. 'Kinky Leatherwings' and 'Stupid Stinging Sea Nettle'

We're back, with two strange creatures. One's 50% wing and wang. The other is 95% water. Special guest, JENNIFER LAUGHRAN, puts on her flying fox scientist hat, and takes it off only briefly to wonder about Bear Grylls and his potential pee fetish. We sort...