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Drunk Safari

Jan 26, 2018

a.k.a. ‘murdersaurus’ and ’sneaksy jerk gothmoth’

Special guest and creepy thing connoisseur, GABY MOSS, is here to talk alligators and deaths head hawk moths! We talk gothy kids, and kids who should probably be more afraid than they are on this very creepy, very unnerving episode.


Show Notes

Jan 18, 2018

a.k.a. 'nightmare sausage beasts' and 'scrappy murder pups'

We're BACK and we're more carniverous than ever, with two extremely proficient murderers. Special guest ADAM WOLF tells you everything you need to know about the 6 in nightmares that are weasels, and we also cover Coyotes, who may or may not be...

Jan 5, 2018

a.k.a. 'swimming football dolphins' and 'kitsune, kinda'

It's an accidentally festively colored episode of Drunk Safari, with special guest WONDER DAVE! We learn strange and magnificent things, like how gigantic sea turtles get and also that Wonder Dave used to work in an aquarium as a lazily named mascot. All this...