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Drunk Safari

Dec 28, 2018

'blood sucker mcgarigals’ and ‘creaky squeaky dumplings’

She's baaaaack! KELLY ANNEKAN is here to talk about yet another unsettling animal to shine her brilliant light upon-- the vampire bat. We talk bloodsuckers, wings, and also the squeaking desert rain frog on our newest. 

Show Notes

Dec 21, 2018

'winged reply guys’ and  ‘chicka-chicka-doom-doom’

IVAN HERNANDEZ is back for a heroic third time to talk about his least favorite animal, Scarlet Macaws. We get into his Floridian heritage and hot buffet habits, along with a little crash course in the Janelle Monae of snakes, which, naturally, are rattlers.


Dec 7, 2018

‘the earth’s public lice’ and ‘the great allegory bird’

The Milky Way Galaxy's greatest person MEG ELISON is back, and she's here to hate on a crab, whose migratory habits are nightmarish at best. We get into extinction with Dodo Birds and unsettling scuttling with the Christmas Island Red Crab on our newest!

Nov 30, 2018

a.k.a. ‘wandas’ and ‘floppy boys’

What did we do to deserve MICHEAL FOULK as a special guest? We're not sure. Frankly, we probably don't. But somehow we tricked him, and he's here! We talk Timon but not Pumba, and also California Sea Lions in our newest. 

Show Notes

Nov 16, 2018

a.k.a. ‘scary winter dogs’ and ‘not even metaphorical fragile masculinity birds’

Alligator scientist GABRIELLE MOSS is back to talk more apex predators! She educates our damn faces off about arctic wolves, but *specifically* TEEN arctic wolves to celebrate all things 90's, winter goth, and bitey. We get into...