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Drunk Safari

Oct 27, 2017

a.k.a. 'invincible claw-beasts' and 'trashcan bandits'

Special guest Adam Wolf has a weird puma boner, which is to say he's obsessed with pumas, and thinks they're better than you. Maggie talks about everyone's favorite pest, the friendly raccoon. Adaptability is had all around. 

Show Notes

Oct 20, 2017

a.k.a. 'penultimate squid' and 'subaquatic creepy hugger'

Writer, co-host of the Boars, Gore and Swords and Bunker Politics podcasts, and baking thirst trap Instagram account holder, IVAN HERNANDEZ is our very special guest for this ALL CEPHALOPODS ALL THE TIME episode! We talk Mads Mikkelsen and other strange...

Oct 12, 2017

a.k.a. 'scourge sneaks' and 'make love not war monkeys'

Special scientist ADAM WOLF is back to discuss the rattus rattus. Maggie presents bonobos, the monkeys so pure that Earth does not deserve them. The bubonic plague is spread. Lots of oral sex is had. By bonobos. 

Show Notes

Oct 9, 2017

a.k.a. 'dorks' and 'magnificent toxic masculinity boulders'

Maggie is joined by very special guest, cohost of the Red All Over and Failure to Launch podcasts, MOLLY SANCHEZ! We talk Giraffes and Galapagos Tortoises, and give you all the information you could possibly require to wow your friends at your next cocktail...