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Drunk Safari

Sep 29, 2017

a.k.a. 'lobstrosities' and 'lazy tree kangaroos'

What do Koalas and American lobsters have in common? Not that much, actually, other than some weird mating habits. ADAM WOLF talks about the Earth's most delicious arthropod. Maggie reps some real lazy, chlamydia ridden marsupials. All this and more on your most favorite...

Sep 19, 2017

a.k.a. 'clever girls' and 'human birds'

Co-host of Boars, Gore and Swords and Bunker Politics podcasts RED SCOTT is our very special guest! He teaches Maggie everything she needs to know about the world's most judgemental bird, the Ostrich. Maggie talks pigeons, who are gross.

Show Notes

Sep 19, 2017

a.k.a. 'good lord garbage birds' and 'vagina dentata goal fishes'

ADAM WOLF is back-- what a get-- and he talks Andean Condors. Every thing you ever needed to know. (Like that they're smaller than the actual largest birds in the world.) Maggie talks Angler Fish, an unlikely hero to add to the feminist animal hall of...

Sep 17, 2017

a.k.a. 'nectar professionals' and 'dire witch cats'

Your favorite new source for totally true scientific facts is back, with special guest, JOE WADLINGTON! We'll tell you every goddamn thing you need to know about the Italian Honey Bee and spotted hyenas.

Show Notes

Sep 16, 2017

a.k.a. 'mother-f*king dinosaurs' and 'ornery river pigs'

Welcome to the world's premier, high class animal facts podcast full of information that's like, probably true? This week we learn everything you could possibly need to know about Komodo dragons and hippopotamuses. Everything. You. Ever. Need. To. Know.