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Drunk Safari

Oct 2, 2019

a.k.a.`Health boundary hogs` and `Butt Straw McGraw`

Fuck yeah. We're live with Drunk Safari veterans JOE WADLINGTON and SARAH GAILEY for a self-care animal extravaganza. We talk coping mechanisms, things that roll into a ball, mom being a bitch and so much more at our last live show. Adam makes a cameo and we play a...

Sep 12, 2019

a.k.a. Buzz Buzz fish

Fish scientist KASSANDRA FORD is here to electrify you with her knowledge of the ocean's vibrators. Or electric fish. Whatever. We get into little bitty buzzers and ALSO electric eels. 

Show Notes

Aug 9, 2019

Paleontologist and pal, LEE HALL is back to talk about the UNDENIABLY best dinosaur. We get into the T-Rex in all their tiny-armed glory, and learn my new favorite term: the cloacal kiss. So.  Hold on to your butts.

Show Notes

Jul 26, 2019

Anyone who knows me, Maggie, the host of this show, knows that spotted hyenas are my absolute FAVORITE animal. So it is with GREAT PERSONAL HAPPINESS that we have hyena scientist ARJUN DHEER here to 1.) correct my misconceptions about them and 2.) blow my gentle little mind about animals I thought I couldn't *possibly*...

Jul 12, 2019

a.k.a. 'Forest Hags’ and ‘Shouldn’t-be-tigers’

TARA MARSDEN is here to talk about the world's undeniably greatest and most photogenic primate, the orangutan. We get into why you shouldn't use so much palm oil and also why you should NEVER make a liger, on our newest!

Show Notes